I am currently Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at California State University, Dominguez Hills. I work on questions at the intersection of applied ethics, animal cognition, and social justice. I focus on nonhuman animal ethics, particularly the question, What is the moral significance of species membership? I have pursued these interests in a variety of specific projects which span traditional and novel areas of ethics, social justice, and food ethics, with a focus on animal liberation theory and activism. I am interested in the relationship between speciesism and social justice, the moral and environmental implications of modern food production, and the development of conceptual tools for a global, non-speciesist ethics. I have been a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University and a visiting researcher for the Ethics in Society Project at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and a Summer Fellow at the Animals & Society Institute. I have given over 40 talks on animal ethics, environmental ethics, veganism, and speciesism at colloquia and conferences around the globe. I am a member of the Advisory Council of The Animal Museum, and a speaker with the Northern California Animal Advocacy Coalition. Please feel free to email me!